Googly, the independent release stand-up comedy CD by stand-up comic David Pryde is really fun stuff.

Recorded in front of a warmish sounding crowd at Yuk Yuk’s in Edmonton, Googly is basically the greatest comedy bits David Pryde has come up with over the past few years. Fans of the short joke and set-up will enjoy this 47 track comedy variety pack.

David Pryde is a pretty clean, very audience friendly stand-up comic and Googly proves it. His material sounds deceptively off the cuff but there are many excellent segues and callbacks inserted here and there that show this is a well-prepared and honed set. A particular favorite on this independent release stand-up comedy CD is the transition from Pryde not speaking French although it does make things sound much sexier to eating at a buffet. His bit on fast cars being a way to compensate for lesser attributes sets up a great callback a few tracks later when the comic admits he walks a lot.

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